Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the world’s oldest medical therapy, and even in our modern era it is the most widely used form of medicine on the planet, a testament to the popularity, safety and usefulness of herbal medicine.

Modern western herbal medicine combines the knowledge and wisdom passed down through countless generations with the latest extensive research and modern clinical examination and diagnostic skills to offer safe, body-friendly treatment, suitable for people of all ages. Our youngest patients have presented at a mere few weeks old, while our oldest patients have been in their nineties.

Why Does Herbal Medicine Have Such a Good Reputation for Safety?

Because the herbal approach is to prescribe safe, non-toxic medicinal plants which boost health, so the body overcomes disease with help of medicinal herbs and the body’s own natural ability to heal and be well. Being healthy is nature’s normal state for us; sometimes we just need a bit of help.

What Happens in a Consultation?

The first consultation usually takes about an hour, when the herbalist will make a thorough enquiry into the history and symptoms of the complaint as well as building a thorough picture of the patent’s general health and well-being by asking questions about each body system, digestion, lungs, circulation etc. An in-depth analysis of diet and lifestyle is an important part of the consultation, as these play a vital part in our ability to be healthy. Clinical examinations such as taking the blood pressure, listening to the chest, urine analysis etc are conducted if appropriate. Then the herbalist will discuss the conclusions with the patient, prescribe a herbal treatment and give recommendations about diet and lifestyle if necessary.

What Illnesses Can Be Treated?

Herbal treatment can be helpful for most illnesses, with the commonest complaints to present in our clinic including, arthritis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions, asthma and other respiratory problems, hormonal imbalance such as PMT, PMS, infertility and menopausal symptoms, allergies and food intolerance, stress and anxiety, poor circulation, sinus problems, coughs, colds and stomach upsets… the list could go on and on. If you would like to know if herbal medicine could help with your complaint, we are always happy to answer your enquiry.

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