Kevin Orbell-McSean

M.N.I.M.H., M.I.M.H.O.

Qualifying as a medical herbalist in 1988, Kevin is following in a family tradition of professional herbal practice that has continued now for more than one hundred years. Since qualifying, Kevin has concentrated his professional life solely on herbal medicine, and now has more than twenty-five years of clinical experience treating the wide range of illnesses that present in general practice.
A first consultation will typically last forty-five minutes to an hour. Kevin takes a careful holistic approach, with every aspect of your current symptoms, present medication, past medical history, diet and lifestyle taken into account. This enables him to formulate a herbal prescription which is precisely tailored to your personal needs and symptoms. He will also give any dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are specifically appropriate to you.
If you are being treated for symptoms you have suffered for some time, there will be a follow-up consultation lasting about twenty minutes scheduled for two to three weeks time, when Kevin will ask how you are getting on with any recommendations that were made, help you find a way round any issues you have in following the recommendations, and adjust your medicine to take account of changes and improvements in you symptoms. Your herbal medicine will typically contain between five and seven liquid herbal extracts, blended together in one bottle, usually with a dose of six or seven ml to be taken two or three times daily. These few herbs are formulated from the two hundred or so medicinal herbs from all around the world, which Kevin stocks in his herbal pharmacy.
While acute (short term) conditions such as coughs and colds, sore throats and tummy upsets will likely need only one visit, chronic conditions which you have suffered for some time will probably require ongoing treatment for a while, the time depending on the nature and severity of the illness. If ongoing treatment is required, then further appointments will likely be scheduled at monthly intervals, as necessary. After two or three visits it may be that you are doing well but just need to stick with the medicine for a while, in which case you may get repeat prescriptions of your herbal medicine until your symptoms have cleared and you are happy with your health. Every effort is made to keep your treatment programme as easy and convenient to follow as possible.

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