Edyta Bodnar: Our New Practitioner

We are delighted to welcome Edyta Bodnar to our team at the Evergreen Clinic. Here is some info about our new practitioner:
Edyta Bodnar Clinical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist
DipHerb., DipNT., MIRH, MNTOI
Growing up in my native Poland I became familiar with home herbal remedies in my childhood and learnt what plants to reach for in different minor ailments.
My fascination with plants’ healing powers led me to a formal education in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, which I completed during my nearly 20 years living in Ireland. I have been fortunate to train with many renowned herbalists in Ireland and in the UK.
As well as formal study, I completed 1000 hours of practical clinical training which included 1000 patient consultations, case studies and scientific research. I am an insured member of two Irish professional associations: the Irish Register of Herbalists and the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland.
A first consultation with me will typically last up to one-and-a-half hours. I take a careful, holistic approach, with every aspect of a person’s current symptoms, present medications, past medical history, diet and lifestyle taken into account. This enables me to formulate a herbal prescription which is precisely tailored to a patient’s needs and symptoms. I also give any dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are specifically appropriate to the person.
If appropriate to a patient’s case I can order tests with diagnostic laboratories for such areas of health as digestive analysis and food intolerance tests, thyroid tests, hormonal panel and adrenal stress tests, among others. This is further usefull tool to provide a tailor made and specific treatment, addressing the root cause of the symptoms.
Herbal Medicine and Nutrition can treat a wide range of conditions.
Before making an appointment you are welcome to contact me with your questions to find out if your symptoms can be treated.

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