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Natural therapies work to promote and support the body’s own in-built ability to heal and be well, offering a well-tolerated and body-friendly route to better health. You are welcome to phone us in office hours on 021 496 6209, to discuss how best to meet your health needs. If you would like to read about […]

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are highly qualified with many years of clinical experience, and continuously update their knowledge and skills to take account of the latest research and developments in their respective fields. We emphasise a kind, thorough and professional approach to your health care, putting every effort into getting results as quickly as possible.

McSean’s Herbal Emporium

Specialist Suppliers of High Quality Aromatherapy Supplies, Natural Skin-Care Products, Herbal Creams & Tinctures. Quality: Many of our essential oils, base oils and hydrolats are organic. Oils are from single plant species and from single countries of origin, the essential hallmarks of quality. Hair and skin-care products are based on natural plant-origin ingredients ~ most […]

Herb Garden

Urban Biodiversity

Although we mainly refer to our patch out the back as a herb garden, it often feels more like a nature reserve, even though it’s on the edge of Cork city centre. The garden attracts a surprising variety of wildlife, including foxes, red squirrels, hedgehogs, some wild rabbits a few years back, frogs, lots of […]

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Edyta Bodnar: Our New Practitioner

We are delighted to welcome Edyta Bodnar to our team at the Evergreen Clinic. Here is some info about our new practitioner: Edyta Bodnar Clinical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist DipHerb., DipNT., MIRH, MNTOI Growing up in my native Poland I became familiar with home herbal remedies in my childhood and learnt what plants to reach for in different minor ailments. My fascination with plants’ healing powers led me to a formal education in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, which I completed... 

Aromatherapy for Home Use Course Starting Tuesday 23rd February 2016, 7.30-9.30pm for six weeks, here at the Evergreen Clinic of Natural Medicine. Learn how to tap into one of Nature’s Best Medicines to help enhance your health, restore your energy, uplift your mind and refresh your spirit. You will learn: How to use essential oils safely & effectively for you and your family. The physical and emotional benefits of over 25 oils. Which oils and techniques can help boost your immune... 

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