Australian Bush Flower Essences

by Eileen Doody M.I.F.A., M.I.M.T.A., M.I.A.C.S.T., CST-T.

Flowers have always been used in healing, but it was the work of Dr. Edward Bach in the earlier part of the twentieth century that revived their use in the western world. After many years of clinical experience, in the latter part of his professional life, Bach, a Harley Street doctor in London, recognized that  illness occurred as a result of the imbalances in the emotions and, over a period of six years before he died, developed the vibrational essences of thirty-eight flowers to treat varying emotional needs, deficiencies and excesses.
Since then, more and more vibrational remedies have been researched and produced worldwide. Some of the more powerful, I believe, are the Australian Bush Flower Essences developed by Ian White, a Naturopath Kinesiologist whose family have been natural health practitioners, specializing in herbal medicine, for five generations. The flowers of the Australian bush are awesomely stunning and exotic, having been through their own unique evolution in the isolation of the Australian continent. Some display a very clear indication of their use under the Doctrine of Signatures, ie the plant itself indicates its particular healing properties by merit of its colour, shape, scent or other characteristcs.
Flower essences are made by immersing the flowers in pure water and leaving them under the sun (occasionally the moon) for a number of hours, allowing the vibrational energy, or signature of the plant to be absorbed into the water. This is then bottled with a small amount of alcohol, usually brandy, to act as a preservative. This is known as the ‘mother tincture’ or ‘mother essence’ from which the flower essences are made by further dilution, similar to homeopathic remedies. Sixty-six  essences have been developed to date, plus three Companion Essences which are made from plant parts other than flowers.
Flower essences are catalytic in nature, helping to heal emotional blocks and/or negative beliefs, bringing a clarifying calm and optimism to one’s being. They are exceptional in helping to access one’s intuition and Higher Self, thereby enabling one to be more in tune with one’s life purpose.
Since introducing them to my practice over eight years ago, the Australian Bush Flower Essences have become an important part of my  work with clients.  A particular flower sometimes comes to mind as the client sits down for a consultation, or begins talking about current situations or dilemmas in their life. At other times an appropriate essence or blend of essences will become clear over the course of a consultation, and may be incorporated into the initial intuitive perception, as appropriate.
The essences are exceptional when used as a supportive adjunct to CranioSacral therapy treatments in clearing emotional ‘baggage’ and helping to release  recurring ancestral and familial patterns, which can hold back one’s progress and development in life. There are also some very powerful essences which work with poor self-esteem, grief, relationship difficulties, worry/anxiety, lack of enthusiasm, problems finding one’s life direction, dealing with sexual abuse issues, transition, change, fertility etc. The list could go on! Some issues such as confidence, relationship, travel, transition, emergency etc may be best addressed with more than any one single essence, and so Combination Essences are also available, individually formulated for the client.

For specific essences to treat personal issues, you can contact Eileen Doody here at the Evergreen Clinic of Natural Medicine, 79, Evergreen Road, Cork. Tel 021 496 6209.

Here are some testimonial from some of my clients:

“My experience of the BFE’s [Bush Flower Essences] is that they offer a powerful yet subtle support to the whole body system, particularly in times of crisis and transition” M.C. (Mother & teacher).

“I found the BFE’s very helpful at times of great need … in times of struggle, they help.”   R.L. (Acupuncturist)

“I have found Eileen to be extremely perceptive  and intuitive in identifying the essences most appropriate for me at any given time. The resultant blend always proves to be of great support during times of transition and change. Subtle yet powerful support wherever I’m at”.  J. C. (Physiotherapist)

“I dont’ believe in angels, but if I did they would be the BFE’s. The BFE’s discovered me a very dark time in my life and gave me a key to unlocking resources that I already had but didn’t know were there.” GC (Consultant in Environmental Health & Safety)

“They help me focus my attention on the issue in hand when I take them. They also work on a subtle level that at the same time can have profound effects on my healing journey.” T.Y. (Art therapist & Journey Practitioner)



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