Australian Bush Flower Essences

Blue Flag Irises
by Eileen Doody M.I.F.A., M.I.M.T.A., M.I.A.C.S.T., CST-T. Flowers have always been used in healing, but it was the work of Dr. Edward Bach in the earlier part of the twentieth century that revived their use in the western world. After Read more...

Lemon Balm

After the harsh winter and the summer-that-never-was, it’s so wonderful to get a few warm sunny days recently, and see the plants in our herb garden bursting out. Hopefully we’ll have an Indian summer to look forward to over the Read more...

Joint Pain and Thai Massage

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Many people who suffer muscle pain might think of having a massage to ease out the knots and tension that are the cause, but not so many folk consider massage for joint pain. After all, joints are not made of Read more...

Rose Harvest

The beautiful and fragrant rose is one of the best loved flowers in the world, with a wonderful scent that has endeared itself to people since time immemorial. It is thought to have been first cultivated in northern Persia, from Read more...

Herb Garden

The Evergreen Clinic has a large organic herb garden with hundreds of different medicinal herbs from around the world, not quite what you would expect for a property so close to the city centre. Surrounded by a mature hedge and Read more...

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